Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend May Not Be Her Dream Man After All | Reality Tv Magazine


Nathan has exhibited behavior every bit as irresponsible as the other men in Jenelles life and now, some of his bad decisions will be examined onTeen Mom 2. Like Jenelle, Nathan has suffered from his fair share of substance abuse problems in the past. But when he first appeared in theTeen Mom world, he seemed eager to turn over a new leaf. Now, however, Jenelle is busy berating her man for his excessive drinking. In a new preview forTeen Mom 2, Jenelle accuses Nathan of binge drinking, explaining, Youll drink in the middle of the day and not give a f***. Nathan admits that he sometimes makes poor decision, but denies having major issues with alcohol. That being said, he cant fool the Twitter community. Jenelles followers are well aware of Nathans multiple DUI arrests. If thats not the sign Farrah Abraham sex tape full video of a drinking problem, its hard to say what is. Do you think Nathan Griffith is the right guy for Jenelle Evans?